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E-Document Service for Schools

The new DfE Regulations

From 1st September 2012, The DfE has removed the requirement for schools to produce a printed prospectus, freeing them from unnecessary bureaucracy and expenditure.

Schools must, however, publish key information online, ensuring there is consistent information available for parents to access on the web.

This information must be kept updated at all times in order to ensure it is always current.

How our service can help your school remain compliant & promote itself

Our e-document service is designed to
  • give schools the ability to meet the DfE's compliance requirements

  • promote themselves in an engaging manner for parents and prospective parents and, at the same time just as a paper prospectus does.

  • apply to any document that the school produces, but will perhaps apply most to the school prospectus, which, traditionally, has been the showcase for the school.

As part of our service, we will
  • convert your prospectus or any document to page turning e-documents (view examples here)

  • host the e-documents for you

  • provide you a link to your online e-document(s), again ensuring that you remain compliant with the new regulations

Advantages of an e-Document :-
  • considerably cheaper to create and maintain compared to a paper prospectus
  • stunning quality creating an immediate impact and interest
  • interactive with a 3D look and feel mimicing the paper prospectus
  • easy to read; no scrolling down to get to a page
  • environmentally friendly
  • printable

In short, our e-document service is designed to give schools an attractive and engaging presence with complete peace of mind at a very low cost.

Click here for how it can work for you.

Signing up is a simple 3 stage process.

3 Step Ordering
Simply embed the link into your website or email parents a link to the url.

The URL will be custom created for you, so it would read like it is on your own domain. e.g

Order Now!
& get your links emailed within 72hrs


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Pricing for Schools
All service options come with free hosting

No. Of Documents Per Order

Price each
£ 29
£ 22.50
£ 20
£ 17.50
Searchable text (if searchable on origial)
Print Option
Link to Website
Custom URL

 Other Features:

1. Printing facility

Any, all or selected pages can be printed to any printer connected to the PC or laptop

2. Zoom In and Out

A variable zoom in facility is provided with every document

3. Full Page

View the prospectus as a full screen version

4. Home Link back to your website

Each document will contain your on screen clickable logo

5. Emailing feature

By the click of a button (the envelope symbol), a link to the e-Prospectus can be emailed to any prospective parent or enquirer.





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