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What is our E-Document service ?
In a nutshell, we convert and host all of your school's documents as stunning page turning E-Documents. We can convert from flat static pdf or word documents.

Our service even incorporates complete hosting of your e-documents so you don't need to get involved with the technical details. We'll then send you links to your online E-Documents to use on your website or in emails to parents and other third parties. It is even cross-browser compatible and iPad friendly.

Just Some Of The Documents You Can Convert
  • School Prospectus
  • Ofsted Report
  • Pupil Premium Report
  • School Magazine
  • School Newsletters
  • Parent Newsletters
  • Parent Open Evening Invites

  • Summer Fair Promotions
  • After School Activities Brochure
  • Field Trip Brochure
  • School Play Invites
  • School Concert Invites
  • Sports Day Invites
  • Facilities Hire Brochure

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Key Benefits of E-Documents & our service
  • No Page Limit to documents
  • Free Hosting and hassle free access via link from any PC or laptop.
  • Considerably lowered costs: No printing or postage costs; potential for unlimited distribution
  • 3D look and interactive.
  • Page turning features mimic paper documents. no need to scroll down to get to a page; includes zoom function
  • Great low cost medium for promoting school services. e.g. school hall hire
  • Environmentally friendly (printable if needed).
  • Meets DfE requirements relating to prospectuses and policy documents.
  • Cross browser compatible and iPad friendly.

How much does it cost?
The service works on a Pay as You Go basis and costs £79 plus VAT per document. In the price, you get full conversion and full hosting of your document. Once the e-document is uploaded to our server, you are sent a link that can be posted on your website or embedded in emails that you send out. Each document will remain on our server for 1 year from the date it is uploaded.

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