Viewsonic Case Study

Dealing with Go Education is always a pleasure, they understand the customer’s requirement and go the extra mile to ensure the product is delivered with ease. Our case study involved replacing an existing projector-screen setup in our Maurice Hall at The Working Men’s College with a digital screen solution. From our talks with Go Education they were able to narrow down the best setup at the most affordable price (other competitors were unable to do so) and so we purchased the ViewSonic 86” Viewboard which had everything we needed. The new screen allows staff and guests to cast from any mobile device (Windows, Mac, iOS and Android) as well as having a range of built-in apps.

We had also replaced an existing trolley setup for our Principals office with a ViewSonic 65” Viewboard, staff members can now present their work seamlessly during PRB meetings. Furthermore, Go Education came to our college and specced out a custom height stand/trolley for the Principals office and personally visited two manufacturers based in England to see if they could deliver and surely enough they did.

If you are in the market and are looking for digital screens for your institute I would highly recommend Go Education, their pricing and support is simply outstanding

The Working Men's College