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Dynamic SoundField - Product Details

At its core the Dynamic SoundField system comprises the DigiMaster 5000 loudspeaker unit and Phonak’s award-winning inspiro teacher transmitter microphone.

Up to 10 additional transmitters (either inspiro or Phonak’s DynaMic passaround mic) can also be used alongside the first inspiro to widen the discussion, while the DigiMaster loudspeaker can be positioned on its sturdy floor stand or wall-mounted.
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inspiro is Phonak’s award-winning Dynamic FM transmitter and is already used in tens of thousands of schools around the world. It is supplied with a new durable mini-boom microphone, which accurately picks up speech without amplifying the surrounding noise.

In addition to its 3-mode functionality, inspiro offers numerous other industryleading features. These include: Dynamic Speech Extractor (DSE), a technology that dramatically improves signal-to-noise ratios; DataLogging, which records usage data for reference and analysis by school audiologists, and the ability to use several inspiros and/or DynaMic passaround microphones in one class via Phonak’s MultiTalker Network (MTN).

Existing Phonak inspiro users can upgrade their transmitters with full Dynamic SoundField functionality for free. Learn more about inspiro here.
DigiMaster 5000

Phonak’s innovative new loudspeaker array is called the DigiMaster 5000. This features no less than 12 individual high-quality loudspeakers, all housed in a robust aluminum frame.

The ratio between the teacher’s speech signal and any undesired background noise (the Signal to Noise Ratio, or SNR) is much more favorable using this kind of loudspeaker design, compared to those forms traditionally employed by soundfield systems. This is especially true when children are sat further away from the teacher, where they need high sound quality the most.

The DigiMaster 5000 array emits cylindrical sound waves at the most important speech frequencies, ensuring that the required sounds are carried effectively across a large area, while generating very little speech-hindering ‘late reverberation’ or echo. The DigiMaster 5000 is available with a sturdy floor stand or can be wall-mounted.  
DynaMic & the MTN

DynaMic is Phonak’s Dynamic FM passaround microphone. Designed for use with inspiro’s MultiTalker Network, DynaMic is designed for use by students or additional teachers during class, group or presentation work – ensuring that FM-wearing, hearing impaired students catch all the conversation. Up to 10 Dynamic FM transmitters (i.e. inspiro or DynaMic) can be used in one MTN. Learn more about DynaMic here.
  DynaMic & the MTN