Pioneer college leads interactive revolution

Go Education plc has been helping students and teachers at Luton Sixth Form College lead the way as more and more further and higher education institutions realise the benefits of interactive teaching. The pioneering college, which was established in 1966 as the first designated sixth form college in the UK, is now leading the way in implementing interactive technology in further education with the help of interactive technology provider, Promethean AV Distribution, and specialist education AV and ICT reseller, Go Education plc. Interactive teaching solutions such as interactive whiteboards allow teachers and students to interact with the lecture material. This has a positive impact on both class attention and the retention of information as has been seen in primary and secondary schools across the UK. A number of FE and HE colleges are now following suit.

Luton Sixth Form College has a combination of fixed and wireless Promethean interactive technology solutions made up of nine PRESENTA boards, five PRESENTA pads and 16 PRESENTA preps.

Commenting on the technology, Liz Dobson, Director of Information & Learning Technology at Luton Sixth Form College said that the feedback from both students and teachers has been extremely positive and has enhanced the study experience at the college.

Ms Dobson said: “We teach a wide range of subjects at Luton Sixth Form College and we have looked to incorporate the interactive technology where we can. Based on consistently high results, we believe that both teachers and students benefit a great deal from using the technology.

“We have been working closely with Go Education plc to ensure that we installed the right technology for the college and that teachers and students are able to maximise its use.”

The PRESENTA board is a simple to use interactive whiteboard used in conjunction with a digital projector and PC. It is supplied with Promethean’s Px interactive software which enables teachers to annotate directly onto their presentation material and create electronic flipcharts.

The PRESENTA pad is an A5 size graphics tablet, that connects wirelessly to a PC and digital projector – lightweight and durable, this mobile solution allows the teacher the freedom to move around the classroom, stimulating whole class participation. The pad can also be passed to individual students to solve a problem or write down an answer without leaving their seat.

The PRESENTA prep is an A6 sized graphics tablet which allows lecturers to prepare lecture material away from the whiteboard.

The college, which is now a Beacon college offers a full range of full time A Level, AS Level and GNVQ programmes for over two thousand 16 to 19 years olds.

Mikul Shah, Sales & Marketing Manager at Go Education, added: “We are now starting to see more and more further and higher education institutions incorporate interactive technology following the success that its implementation has had at both primary and secondary education levels.

“We look forward to working closely with other colleges and universities, as we have with Luton Sixth Form College, to ensure that they get the most out of interactive presentation solutions in the classroom and lecture theatre environment.”