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Clevertouch 75" IMPACT PLUS 2 High Precision Interactive Touch Screen

Clevertouch 75" IMPACT PLUS 2 High Precision 4K Interactive Touch Screen

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3,594.00 inc. VAT (£2,995.00 ex. VAT)

Warranty: 5 Years

Availability: Usually Ships in 5-7 Business Days

Product Code: ITS-CLE-15475IMPACTPLUS2-754K

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Clevertouch 75" IMPACT PLUS 2 High Precision 4K Interactive Touch Screen

Connecting people with technology IMPACT Series Gen 2

    Key Features
  • Compatible with Google Workspace and Microsoft 365
    You can prepare resources anywhere at any time
  • Designed for hybrid learning
    Students can participate in and out of the classroom
  • Free apps and software
    Cleverstore, LYNX Whiteboard
  • Screen mirroring for 50 devices
    With 6 mobile devices shown on your IMPACT Plus - Clevershare
  • Full-screen digital signage capabilities
    ClevertouchLive App
  • Customise your home screen
    With your school's colours, logos, photos and preferred apps and software - ClevertouchLive
  • Control and troubleshoot remotely
    Via MDM Remote Management
  • Elevated connectivity
    Latest generation USB-C for charging and ethernet, plus all other connectivity ports for connecting a range of devices.
Multi-award-winning education solutions for the digital classroom IMPACT Series Gen 2
Interactive large format display designed for the blended learning environment.

  • Save time on lesson planning with subscription-free software
  • Send messages, alerts and media to all of your CleverInteractive Touch Screens remotely.
  • Screen mirroring with built-in teacher controls
  • High Precision Technology
  • Apps for Blended Learning
  • Making integration and installation easier
IMPACT Plus Gen 2 is Available in a range of sizes 55" | 65" | 75" | 86"
  • Wide Sound 45W Max Power for room-filling sound.
  • 4K True 4K resolution and sharper user experience throughout.
  • Cloud Accounts Sync with your Cloud accounts so that you can work anywhere at any time. Google Drive, one drive
  • High Precision Technology Our patented Super Glide Touch technology offers the most fluid writing experience on a touchscreen. It's as smooth as writing on a whiteboard - with no lag. With the ability to differentiate between palm erase, finger touch, and stylus-writing, there's no need to change settings mid-flow.
  • Security Matters We know how important it is to be secure, so we've got lots of options for you to keep control of your device. Clevertouch can run on-or-off the network. Settings, apps and Android can all be disabled. Data can be wiped at the end of a session and the screen can be locked with a secure passcode.
  • New super cool stylus Comfort stylus to aid teaching
  • Microphone Built-in line array microphone.
  • Cleverstore Access hundreds of free teaching apps to make lessons more engaging.
  • Comprehensive Warranty No ongoing subscription charges.
  • Infinity Whiteboarding Never runs out of space with our infinite canvas. With numeracy tools, handwriting-to-text recognition, and the ability to insert images and shapes, all of which can be saved, printed or shared to student devices.
  • Connectivity Huge connectivity including the latest USB-C port.
  • Environmentally Friendly Motion Detection Equipped with Proximity Sensors your Clevertouch will power off when no one is detected in the room.
    What's New?
  • Zero bonding - no air gap gives greater accuracy, improved performance and vibrant imagery
  • Android 9 4K Chipset - 6GB RAM / 64GB ROM
  • Front-mounted latest generation USB-C - allows switching between any device
  • Front-facing speakers and subwoofer for clearer, more powerful quality audio
  • Upgraded 6-array microphone
  • Ambient light sensor
  • Front-mounted power button
  • Front-mounted USB-A port
Intelligent Camera
Upgrade your IMPACT Plus Gen 2 with an Intelligent Camera
  • Slots onto the bottom of your IMPACT Plus Gen 2
  • 4K camera gives crystal clear vibrant images and video, capturing the entire room
  • The Swivel pulley allows you to nudge the pitch angle of your lens
  • Security cover included
Optional Extra
Sign in with ease
The intelligent camera contains a built-in NFC sensor and an RFID sensor.

Use either an NFC card to sign-in in seconds, giving you access to your favourite apps, your Cloud accounts, and your preferred settings.

Keep track of your environment
For the comfort and safety of your teams, our sensors keep track of air quality, light, temperature and humidity.

Press a button on your IMPACT Plus Gen 2 to instantly see your environmental data.

Coming Soon
View the data of all of your screens via ClevertouchLive. If the environment is not ideal, send an automated message back to your IMPACT Plus Gen 2 with an instruction for the people in the room.

Use the data to better plan for your heating and air conditioning, and save money on unnecessary heating measures. Sync your account with your RFID fob.

ClevertouchLive App: Messaging
With ClevertouchLive App your IMPACT isn't just a screen for teaching or presenting, it's also a communications tool. Use it to broadcast messages, alerts and important information to students, staff and visitors.

    Flexible Messaging Solutions
  • Daily news and activities
  • Weekly lunch menu
  • Live video messages from the school office
  • Emergency announcements and fire drills
Dynamic and integrated ClevertouchLive: Home Screen
Customise your home screen so it's unique to your school or district. With the ClevertouchLive App, you can group screens so they are representative of your messaging and create user and group profiles.

    Personalise your launcher page
  • Group by subject, school, age group, campus, district and more - it's totally flexible
  • Show the apps you want. Either from the Cleverstore, or add your own
  • Lockdown settings so teachers have to stay within your guidelines
  • Add your school logo, colours and background images
  • Custom clocks
It's simple!
1 Go to ClevertouchLive
3 Choose your UI layout
2 Sync your IMPACT screen

Dynamic and integrated ClevertouchLive
ClevertouchLive is the Content Management System Platform (CMSP) for all Clevertouch Technologies innovations.

    Personalise your launcher page
  • Display digital signage messaging when it's not in use.
  • Add apps from the Cleverstore or upload your own apk files - send them to all your interactive displays without needing to manually install them on individual screens.
  • Send alerts and announcements to your audience.
  • Weather warnings, stranger alerts, fire alarms.
  • Call staff/students to other locations.

Create teacher or group profiles
Log into any connected screen in your district and get your apps, home screen, settings and more.

Increase Student Engagement Cleverstore
It's easy to hold students' attention when there's something new on the screen. We've hand-picked apps from educational app developers that support Common Core State Standards in the US and the National Curriculum in the UK.

Apps for everyone
With apps for all ages and in most subjects, there are loads to choose from to help support your lessons. From Coding to Math, Literacy, and Science, as well as games and stories, Cleverstore has everything you could need.

Dual language
Not only are most of our apps available in a variety of languages, but some also support dual language, allowing you to teach languages such as French, Spanish, and German as you go along.

A store you can trust
Our App Team checks every app that's submitted to the store so there is no inappropriate content. We want to enable teachers to download apps as lesson resources - so all apps are suitable for the classroom.

Collaborate with ease - connect up to 50 devices, including phones, tablets and laptops. Screen mirror with images, video and audio.

With touch-back for two-way control, the presenter has full control over what is shared and can show 6 screens simultaneously, increasing collaboration and participation within every session.

Share content with any device
Up to 50 devices can connect with the CleverInteractive Touch Screen and share content - images, video, and audio. Now with touch-back for two-way control.

The presenter has full control over what is shared and can show up to 6 device screens simultaneously, increasing collaboration and participation within every session.

Mastering Mode
This optional mode will allow you to manually accept or reject from the CleverInteractive Touch Screen when someone attempts to connect via Clevershare.

Chromecast and Airplay
There is an optional button you can swipe in the settings that will allow you to natively connect your device this way.

Clevershare App
Any device can download the Clevershare App and connect instantly by typing in the code on the CleverInteractive Touch Screen. Clevershare App is free to download and compatible with Android, Windows, iOS, and Chrome devices.

Clevershare Dongle (optional extra)
Use the USB-C Clevershare dongle to share content. No need to download any app or driver, so ideal for companies that do not allow downloads to devices.

How to connect
You can connect via the Clevershare App if your device is on the same Network as the Clevertouch. Use Advanced Mode for additional encryption and dual sub-networks. There is a Hotspot option if you are unable to use the network.

With AirServer you can mirror content from your personal device to the Clevertouch panel without needing to download an app.
Key Features
  • AirPlay
    • Used by macOS, iOS and iPadOS devices.
    • AirServer has support for AirPlay mirroring, media as well as audio-only streams.
    • Bluetooth discovery.
    • Support for PIN, password, and on-screen prompt for incoming connections.
    • Google Cast
    • Used by Android and Chrome OS devices and is included in Chrome and Edge browsers.
    • AirServer has support for both Google Cast mirroring and media (casting from apps).
    • Casting from apps is also available on iOS and iPadOS. DRM-protected content is supported if the host device has DRM support.
    • Google Cast has no PIN support, but AirServer has a prompt option to accept connections.
  • Used by Windows 10 devices as well as some Android devices (Samsung, LG, Huawei and more).
  • AirServer has support for UIBC (touchback) and hardware cursor that transmits the mouse cursor separately to reduce perceived latency.
  • Support for PIN code and on-screen prompt for incoming connections.
Whiteboarding is made easy with a huge selection of pen & art tools to choose from LYNX Whiteboard
The most dynamic, intuitive user experience of any whiteboard - completely redesigned for a touchscreen, with drag and drop, pinch to zoom, and easy swipe menus.

LYNX Whiteboard has now partnered with PhET to give you over 80 FREE STEM activities to use in your classroom or set as homework.

Captivating Lessons
  • Natural handwriting
    Our new pen type allows users to have a more natural feel to their writing. Pressure and velocity will help to decide the thickness of the line as the user writes - like a real pen.
  • Multi-Purpose
    Split the screen so that you can look online while your lesson is open, and drag content across.
  • Dual Pen
    Two users can choose different pens, or different tools, and use them simultaneously, providing a more natural feel.
  • Increase student Engagement
    Search videos from YouTube, images from Unsplash, and panoramic images - all without leaving your app. Safe Search enabled, ensuring content is suitable for children.
  • Get Creative
    With dozens of teaching tools at your fingertips.
  • Fun, Shareable Activities
    Create your own activities with customizable content. Activities will automatically be saved to your LYNX Cloud so that you can share them with colleagues.
  • Collaborate with ease
    Students can scan a QR code with their personal device and either join the activity during the lesson or save it to do at home.
  • Quickly switch formats
    Convert files from Office formats into LYNX files, ready to be used within LYNX. Word, Excel and PDF files can easily be converted. Drag interactive whiteboard or Smart Notebook files in bulk and they will automatically convert into a LYNX file.
Cloud access for distant learning with LYNX Whiteboard

Hundreds of tools to increase student engagement in a blended learning environment.

  • Access the cloud & Log in from anywhere
    Create lessons on the go, at home, or in another classroom, on any device.

    Your school can set up a LYNX Cloud account, so content and resources can be shared.
  • Great for distance learning
    Set work, deploy and give students their own log-ins.
  • Download & Upload
    Log into any Clevertouch and download your LYNX files, great if you aren't in your usual classroom.
  • Set Homework
    Set homework activities for your students
  • Sync with other cloud-based drives
    Get content from Dropbox, OneDrive, LYNX Cloud or Google Drive and input it directly into your lessons

Educational software that brings interactivity to your school and boosts classroom engagement by using Smarter Human Interaction. Snowflake enables teachers and students to tell engaging, interactive stories that align closely with the curriculum, it provides a safe community for online and small group collaboration, and it allows simultaneous personalised instruction making the curriculum relevant to students' lives.

  • Zones
    Snowflake is the only educational technology software allowing you to divide your touchscreen into independent, personalised zones. Snowflake transforms the classroom into a fun, motivating, and engaging active learning environment.
  • Personalised Learning
    Together with its online version, Snowflake creates an active learning system well adapted to personalised learning. It enables educators to choose the teaching resources that work best for their students and display different content and activities in a different Zone.
  • Providing the right scaffolds
    Every age and subject has different needs; Snowflake offers a unique configurator that allows the schools' IT Administrator to select the appropriate scaffolds of both tools and content their teachers need.
Stage Lite
The Stage is a hassle-free unified communications solution designed for both on-site and distributed teams. Its clean interface and intuitive functionalities constitute a tool that makes collaboration easy and works more efficient.

Collaborative Whiteboard for hybrid working and learning
Work together in real-time to annotate documents and create whiteboards.

There's an inbuilt text-chat feature.

Import Lessons
You can import lessons from Snowflake and work

on them together Browser Based
Anyone can join, as long as they have the meeting code - there's no need to download any software

Take Control Remote Management
IT departments & administrators can take control, without needing to leave their office. Control multiple Clevertouch devices by linking your entire fleet of CleverInteractive Touch Screens to your Remote Management MDM account, so that you can control them from anywhere.

Update or remove apps
With the functionality to add .apk files to some or all of your Clevertouch displays, your organisation can always have the latest apps available to use.

Over-The-Air updates
Our OTA updates are just one click away to get the latest firmware on your screen. We will never charge you for firmware updates.

View status information
IT managers can troubleshoot without needing to leave their office. Look up individual CleverInteractive Touch Screens, view the display in realtime, edit settings, or restart devices remotely.

Group and tag
If you have a group of screens being used by a certain department, you can deploy the same apps and settings, so that there is a standardized experience for everyone in that department.

Key Features
  • Screen Size: 75"
  • Resolution: 3840 x 2160
  • Anti Glare Glass: Yes
  • Response Time: 5 ms
  • Touch Type: 20-point
  • USB: Yes
  • Android: Yes
  • Warranty UK Mainland: 5 Year