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"From September 2012, schools are no longer required to produce printed prospectuses"
So what options do you have?
Continue with a flat image PDF/JPEG format or opt for a considerably more impactive and attractive interactive e-Prospectus?.

Advantages of an e-Prospectus :-
  • considerably cheaper to create and maintain compared to a paper prospectus
  • stunning quality creating an immediate impact and interest
  • interactive with a 3D look and feel mimicing the paper prospectus
  • easy to read; no scrolling down to get to a page
  • environmentally friendly
  • printable
Go Education has various low cost options for you to get started with your own e-Prospectus.
3 Step Ordering
Ordering a Free Trial or the fully blown e-Prospectus is a simple 3 step process:

3 Step Ordering

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  • Standard Version
    • Contains virtually all the features you will need
  • Deluxe Version
In addition to the standard version features, gives you :-
    • Bookmarks of the Contents
    • Upto 6 Changes Free of Charge
Just some of the features you get in your e-Prospectus :-
  2. Printing facility
  3. Zoom In and Out
  4. Full Page feature
  5. Home link back to your website
  6. Background Image
  7. Emailing feature
  8. Download feature (available with hosted package)
  9. Multiple file formats

Introductory Schools Offer
Try before you Buy + 25% off standard price + 6 free changes

Try before you Buy

You will have seen the sample prospectuses, but you must think, “I wonder how ours would turn out” ! Well, we’ve taken care of that. If you give us a pdf, powerpoint or word version of any one of your prospectuses, we will convert this to an e-prospectus for you to look at in your own time.

Your next question would be, “How much will it all cost?”

Compared to the cost of having a prospectus printed, the cost is a tiny fraction! But we know that every penny counts. So again, we have worked hard to create a package that will give you the maximum flexibility for the minimum cost.

Click here to visit the Pricing & Ordering page.

When you are ready to order, simply complete the order form available here.

Note that, as an introductory offer, all orders received before 15th July 2012 will be eligible for a 25% introductory discount.

You may well still have lots questions as to of how it can all work. Click here to visit the FAQ’s page, which we hope will answer all your questions. But if you still have more, please feel absolutely free to phone us on 020 8795 3882. Phone us also if you have any other requirement of a similar nature.


EDocuments Home | View Samples | Order Form | Compare Versions | Pricing & Ordering | FAQs