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Infocus IN3128HD Projector Infocus IN3128HD Projector

 1,025.00 (1,230.00 inc VAT)
InFocus IN116a Projector InFocus IN116a Projector

 349.00 (418.80 inc VAT)
InFocus IN114a Projector InFocus IN114a Projector

 289.00 (346.80 inc VAT)
BVS ECOtouch 70" 6Pt Touch ET701 with RM Easiteach BVS ECOtouch 70" 6Pt Touch ET701

 2,495.00 (2,994.00 inc VAT)
Hitachi CP-EX250 Projector Hitachi CP-EX250 Projector

 281.00 (337.20 inc VAT)