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Monarch Lapcabby - Locka 8H BYOD Locker tablets up to 11" Station Charger Cabinet

Monarch Lapcabby - Locka 8H BYOD Locker tablets up to 11" Station Charger Cabinet


 £510.00 ( £ 612.00 inc VAT)  

Availability: Usually Ships in 3 to 5 Business Days

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Monarch Lapcabby - Locka 8H BYOD Locker tablets up to 11", 8 Chromebooks / tablets, or laptops Station Charger Cabinet

Locka by LapCabby is our new range of durable, static ICT storage solutions.

Locka enables you to charge and secure a myriad of devices and accommodate a growing mobile user base.

With Locka you can create a central ‘hub’ for devices including Chromebooks, laptops and tablets - to secure your 1:1 deployments and offer secure charging and storage for BYOD users.

The Locka can be set up in a number of ways, wall-mounted, sat on a desktop or stacked together on the floor, to provide as much storage as you need, in whatever space you have! The range also offers control on the level of access required with digital key pad access, door-per-device for BYOD, or one locked door securing multiple devices, perfectly suiting 1:1. Or simply mix and match!

No matter the device - We have a product to sync, store and transport them. Laptops, Chromebooks, Tablets, BYOD, 1:1, 2:1, 3:1 - we have you covered!

What you see is what you get - Our feature rich products come fully assembled and quite literally ready to roll...

Built from scratch - All our components are designed and manufactured in-house. We don’t do off the shelf!

Lifetime warranty - On every LapCabby purchase - we know our design and build quality is unsurpassed!

Rapid delivery times - Our global network of partners spans 44

countries and all major continents - meaning no matter where you are we can get your LapCabby to you. Fast.

Friendly service - Just because we operate across the globe doesn’t mean we have compromised our customer centric ethos.

  • Secures and charges 8 laptops, Chromebooks, tablets and hybrid devices up to 15"
  • Original stacking and connecting components with wall hanging fittings supplied with each unit
  • Compact design allowing you to mount to wall, sit on desktop or stack
  • All wall mounting and securing fittings included
  • Secure charging and storage for BYOD users with digital key pad access on door-per-device
  • Tested to the highest health and safety standards and delivered fully assembled with a lifetime warranty
Key Features
  • Holds and charges up to: 8 Chromebooks / tablets, or laptops
  • Width (mm): 473
  • Depth (mm): 527
  • Height (mm): 712
  • Colour: Available in Blue