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SMART Audio Classroom Amplifier System

SMART Audio Classroom Amplifier System


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Product Information

SMART Audio Classroom Amplifier System

SMART Audio offers you a practical and powerful amplification solution for your classroom. It's designed to enhance the quality and clarity of your voice throughout the entire room. When you speak, your words can be easily heard by every student, improving understanding, engagement and performance.

With this system, you donít have to raise your voice or repeat your instructions to reach the students that sit at the back of the classroom. The teacher microphone is wireless, so you can move throughout the room to help your students. And students can use the wireless student microphone to participate in classroom discussions or deliver presentations.

SMART Audio also enhances the sound of multimedia material in your lessons. Simply connect the system to a portable MP3 player, DVD player or other device to broadcast audio files or videos throughout the room.

When students miss a few words, they can miss out on a lot. With SMART Audio, you can be confident that students can hear every sound clearly, whether youíre delivering a lesson or playing a movie. And with the wireless teacher microphone, you arenít tied to the front of the room - you can move around the classroom as you speak.

SMART Audio reduces vocal strain by ensuring your words rise above the chatter and ambient noise of your classroom. Using four ceiling- or wall-mounted speakers, the system distributes sound evenly in the classroom. Now you can amplify your voice without ever having to raise it.

Encourage students to engage in classroom discussions by giving them the wireless, handheld microphone. They can also use the microphone when delivering presentations on the SMART Board interactive whiteboard. SMART Audio ensures that even the most soft-spoken student can be heard by the entire class.

Energize learning in your classroom by adding sound to lessons. You can easily connect SMART Audio to a CD, DVD or MP3 player to create an exciting multimedia experience for your students. This classroom amplification system distributes high quality sound from videos or audio files throughout the room. You can also use the Recorder feature in SMART Notebook collaborative learning software to record your voice during a lesson and save it for future playback. SMART Audio offers you an effective way to hold your studentsí attention and keep them actively listening to the material youíre presenting.