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MIPRO MA-707 Wireless Portable PA System

MIPRO MA-707 Portable PA System with built in wireless microphone option


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Warranty: 1 Yr RTB

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Product Code: AUP-MIP-MA707

Product Information

MIPRO MA-707 Wireless Portable PA System

MiPro 707-PA Portable PA For Fixed frequency VHF wireless mics and receivers. Fixed frequency VHF wireless systems are the most cost effective wireless option for the MiPro MA707-PA but are more prone to interference than the UHF systems.

The MiPro MA-707PA is a powerful battery-powered portable and wireless PA system in a single box.

The MA-707PA is sold as a basic mixer, loudspeaker and battery system which allows the customer to specify a system that exactly meets their requirements without paying for features that they don't need. Options available to add to the basic system consist of an internally-fitted CD player (CDM-2, see below), cassette player (1WTA0004) and up to two fixed frequency VHF wireless receivers (MA-707VM). The MiPro MA-707PA must be used with a compatible microphone transmitter if receiver modules are added.

Please select one or two MA-707VM receivers and then select an appropriate fixed frequency VHF wireless microphone to use with each receiver: handheld mic, lavalier (also called lapel or tieclip) mic with bodypack, or headset mic - The MA707PA has a handy compartment to store the mics and bodypacks in transit.

An optional extension speaker will increase the maximum coverage - ideal for larger audiences or a wide audience area.

The Mipro MA-707PA features a 70W power stage coupled to an 8" full-range loudspeaker for high quality. The internal rechargeable battery provides approx 4-6 hours of continuous operation.

The MA707PA has a mic/line input that can be used with wired microphones, MP3 players or other external sources.

Note: Units supplied singly. Illustration shows front and rear panel of unit.

This unit is for fixed frequency VHF receivers only. See MA-707PA (UHF fixed freq) for use with UHF fixed frequency receivers, or MA-707PA (multichannel) for use with variable frequency mics & receivers.

Ideal for medium-scale gatherings such as schools, places of worship, corporate meeting rooms, auctions, lecture theatres, seminars and election campaigns.

Key Features
Modern attractive appearance with functional retractable handled and handy wheel ensures portability over any distance. 70-Watts (RMS) power output that deliver clear and powerful sound for speech and high quality much outdoors or indoors via a full-range high efficiency 8" loudspeaker. Rechargeable built-in batteries and AC switching power supply provides up to 8 hours continuous use from a fully charged battery system. Accepts up to 2 plug-in UHF or VHF fixed or 16 user-selectable diversity receivers for long range reception and free from signal dropouts & interferences. 2 wired microphones, 2 wireless microphones, built-in CD & cassette players, and other audio sources can be mixed simultaneously to the input. Built-in storage compartment for microphones, spare batteries, and other accessories. Built-in dual-slot Ni-MH battery charger ensures a constant supply of charged transmitter batteries. Suitable for Hand-carry, table-top or integrated tripod stand mounting. Operates 12V power source such as automobile power port. Quick to set-up and simple to operate. Handles crowd of up 800 people.

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