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MA-705 Portable PA System

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MIPRO MA-705PA Portable PA System with built in wireless microphone option MIPRO MA-705PA Wireless Portable PA System

The entry-level configurable package: extremely compact, surprisingly powerful. Code relates to the system only, CD player or wireless receivers are optional. Included is a 50W power stage with an 8" full range speaker for exceptionally high quality reproduction of voice or programme music for up to 600
people. The rechargeable battery provides 4-6 hours continuous operation from a 6-hour charge. Up to two receiver modules and one CD player module can be added. The MA-705 also accepts wired microphones, MP3 players and a variety of external sources. Weight 9.8kg, dimensions 400x285x225mm. 96dB spl @1w/1m.

 £396.78 (330.65 exc VAT)  
MIPRO MA-705EXP Extension speaker for MA705 MA-705EXP Extension speaker for MA705

MIPRO MA-705EXP Extension speaker for MA705
External, passive speakers (50 watts)

 £228.00 (190.00 exc VAT)  
MIPRO MA-705 Protective Cover - SC50 MIPRO MA-705 Protective Cover

Protective carry & storage bag for MA-705. Has pouches for transmitters and other accessories.

 £30.30 (25.25 exc VAT)