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Genee Vision 50 UHD Visualiser & Document Camera

Genee Vision 50 UHD Visualiser & Document Camera


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Warranty: 5 Yrs Collect & Return

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Product Code: VIS-GEN-GVIS-50UHD

Product Information Specifications Product Brochure (PDF)

Genee Vision 50 UHD Visualiser / Document Camera

Why should you add a Visualiser to your Touchscreen?

A visualiser is an extremely flexible teaching and presentation tool allowing presenters, teachers or students to display objects onto an interactive whiteboard, computer or LED touchscreen. This means 3D objects, books, worksheets, maps and text can be viewed by a large audience without the need to be copied and distributed.

Discover the GV50 UHD

The GV50 UHD incorporates an ultra powerful 8mp camera with CMOS sensor. With a Digital Zoom facility and lighting via the vertical arm, the GV50UHD is the perfect entry-level visualiser model and can capture images up to A3 size.

Features such as mirror, rotate, split screen, black and white, positive/negative, image freeze and title grab allow you to manipulate objects or text live on screen without affecting the original source.

  • 4K resolution
  • 8 MP camera
  • Up to A3 field of view
  • Simple connectivity (no separate power supply)
  • Built-in LED side-arm lighting
  • Focus-free camera
  • Windows XP / Vista / Win 10 compatibility
  • Digital zoom
  • USB 2 compatibility
  • Includes Free Genee Toolbar software

The GV50 UHD visualiser comes with our exclusive Toolbar presentation software and Video Cap for visualiser video, image and screen capture.

The Genee Vision 50 UHD allows you to effortlessly enlarge source materials, pictures and 3D objects and present them to your audience. You can take pictures and record videos, which can then be uploaded to an online resource area or kept for future reference.

Seamless Integration
A Genee Vision Visualiser seamlessly integrates with your projector, interactive whiteboard, interactive touch screen and video conferencing system. Your presentations become much more flexible and dynamic, because anything can be displayed at any time, with no fixed order and without the need for lengthy preparation in advance.

Attention Grabbing
Due to the live factor, objects presented under the Visualiser capture far more attention than that of flat objects presented by presentation software such as PowerPoint. The Presenter can personalise the presentation by annotating over the live Visualiser feed, zooming in and out to view every detail, moving the Visualiser camera around to show different angles or by adding more objects for comparison. With all these possibilities and many more, the Genee Vision Visualiser has to be one of the most flexible presentation tools available.

Key Features
  • No separate power supply required
  • Digital zoom
  • LED lighting
  • Focus free camera
  • 5 Million pixel resolution
  • Easy to carry, weight just 0.9 kg