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Bring interaction and flexibility to your presentations, briefings or lectures!! with our revolutionary audience response system Genee Pad.

Genee Pad is our top of the range audience response system. The wireless handsets which use rechargeable batteries allow each and every participant in any teaching, training, or briefing situation to have the answers instantly recorded and the results analysed. Ideal for formative and summative assessment, Genee Pad includes 1000's of example questions, making it the best in the market!

Genee Pad works just like a mobile phone allowing for a wide range of question types such as True / False, Open Format, Multiple choice, leading questions and importance questions. The keypad also allows the entry of mathematical symbols making our audience response system amongst the most versatile on the market.

The Genee Pad comes complete with Class Comm and CenS Us audience response software packages which are simple to load and use.

Class Comm software works with PowerPoint so there is no need to learn new software. Use pre prepared PowerPoint slides to save time! It even compiles the reports into an excel spreadsheet so you don't have to waste time compiling the results.

Class Comm Key Features
  • Use on multi-platforms such as Mac, Linux and Windows.
  • Embed charts directly into Microsoft PowerPoint with enhanced PowerPoint plug-in.
  • Personalised Learning Module.
  • Constant Analysis option allows for feedback during lessons.
  • Text and Drop module allows students to text in responses to questions that can be dragged and dropped onto an image or canvas area.
  • Pace control setting.
  • Interactive gaming technology available.
  • Ad-hoc capability.

CenS Us is a floating interactive toolbar program which makes voting instantly available. Create a lesson in just three clicks, making it great for spontaneous questions. Works with ANY other type of software, CenS Us is an interactive response system with a difference!

CenS Us Key Features
  • Complete flexibility, allowing use with any other piece of software
  • Use to canvas instant opinion or with prepared questions, including numeric questions
  • Can be used in a variety of different ways to capture the views of an audience either as individuals, or as groups

Item# Item Name   Qty Add
VOT-GEN-GENPAD-32 Genee Pad 32
£1,356.00 (£1,130.00 exc VAT)
VOT-GEN-GENPAD-S Genee Pad Student Handset
£103.20 (£86.00 exc VAT)
VOT-GEN-GENPAD-T Genee Pad Teacher Handset
£115.20 (£96.00 exc VAT)
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Key Features:
  • 2-way radio frequency network system.
  • Communication Range: Up to 50m.
  • Group Sizes: 1-1000 participants
  • USB receiver, USB cable and Teacher remote includes with ClassComm.
  • 3 year warranty.
  • Feedback display for students.
  • Lessons can be controlled with the teacher remote; it also enables the teacher to view student responses.
  • Allows the input of text and numeric data.
  • A suite of curriculum questions are provided with Genee Pad.
  • Free carry case and rechargeable batteries.

Supported platform: Windows through to Vista Platform
Technical Requirements:
  • Processor: 133 MHz of higher Pentium Compatible CPU.
  • Memory: 64MB or higher.
  • Graphics Card: VGA or higher resolution.
  • CDROM Drive: 4x or faster.
  • Monitor: VGA or higher resolution monitor set to 1024x768x16 bit colour (true colour).
  • HDD:20GB HDD
Views: Network Visualization, Expert Alerts, Manager, Report Manager, Status Statistical Detail.
Notification: Email (SMTP), Launch Sound, Send event to syslog.