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Genee 65" G-Touch 4K Plus Touch Screen includes Sparks II software site license + Free Wall Bracket

Genee 65" G-Touch 4K Plus Touch Screen includes Sparks II software site license + Free Wall Bracket
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£1,750.00 ex. VAT (£2,100.00 inc. VAT)

Warranty: 5 Yrs On-site

Availability: Usually Ships in 5 to 7 Business Days
Product Code: ITS-GEN-TOU090010-654K

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Product Information Specifications Product Brochure (PDF)

Genee 65" 4K Interactive Display G-Touch 4K Screen includes Sparks II software site license + Free Wall Bracket.

4K technology provides the highest quality images available and provides users with ultra-high definition quality. The new screen has been designed with the future in mind, offering useful tools that allow teachers to deliver engaging lessons. Buttons and connection ports are now front facing and side facing, allowing devices to be connected through a range of multiple inputs, ideal for a variation between permanent and temporary teaching staff.

With its sleek presentation display, 20 point touch and front facing speakers the G-Touch 4K screen comes complete with an Android operating system and the ability to download apps from the Genee App Store. Working alongside the teacher as a revolutionary addition to any school, college or university environment, the G-Touch 4K encourages student and staff interaction through collaborative learning.

When bringing video materials into your lesson, it is important to have crystal-clear audio. With the front facing speakers, the G-Touch 4K is ideal for multimedia presentations so quality of sound does not get muffled or lost.

Looking for more ways to bring your dynamic lessons to life?

Why move away from projectors?

All G-Touch screens are anti-glare and are visible in any environment, including brightly lit classrooms. Moving away from projectors, there is no need to worry about closing the curtains, casting shadows onto the display area or having to re-calibrate the technology. The LED technology itself has proved to be a more energy efficient and cost saving alternative to projectors in addition to having no need for replacement lamps.

5 Year Warranty
The G-Touch screen comes with a 5 year warranty. Our Genee technical team are there to assist on any problems you may have with your Genee products within your warranty period or outside the warranty period.

In House Technical Team
Genee's commitment to its customers is to provide the ultimate customer experience which is why Genee employs its own dedicated internal team, guaranteeing you high quality guidance, quality service and support.

Maintenance Program
Genee's comprehensive maintenance program ensures you have the support you need for the lifetime of your Genee products.

Project Flow
With more schools supporting BYOD and investing in tablet technology, we are continually asked how to maximise portable and individual technology within a lesson. Project Flow is designed to bring all of your laptop, tablet and desktop technology into a harmonious environment keeping the teacher in full control.

If one of your students is struggling with a piece of work in the classroom while another student is progressing further, simply send different content tailored enough to engage and challenge them individually.
  • BYOD friendly online software to unify all mobile devices into a learning environment.
  • Automatically differentiate content among mixed ability students.
  • Supports independent learning with personalised and interactive learning activities.
  • Monitor how well your lesson is going with built-in formative assessment tools.
Spark II
Through Spark II, bring in your existing Word and Powerpoint files to annotate, manipulate and overwrite during your lesson. Save your changes to your original documents or just save the changes within the canvas to continue delivering your impactful lesson seamlessly.

With Spark II, you can reduce lesson preparation time and create dynamic lessons on the fly.

Become limitless with your imagination.
  • Fully interactive whiteboard software for multimedia use designed by teachers.
  • Use what you know by bringing in and manipulating existing resources directly into the canvas.
  • Save crucial teaching time by loading up previous lessons or creating one on the fly.
  • Easily accessible tabs and tools for wheelchair users and younger pupils from the bottom of the display area.
  • Easily create dynamic and engaging lessons on the fly by annotating over any programme, including the internet.
  • Create lessons from home and bring them directly into the classroom.
Cube Share
Share the same virtual document and canvas with Cube Share. Work from the same room or log in from a completely different location to partake and carry on with the lesson. Perfect for distance learning and for students that cannot make it to the classroom.
  • Browser based application to be used securely with log-in credentials by all participants.
  • Live chat feature to ensure communication is open and two way between teacher and student.
  • Take control of the live document and share your annotations and alterations with the rest of the class.
  • Dedicated app available for mobile devices.
  • Unlimited participants can join the virtual lesson.

Key Features
  • Floating Toolbar
    Available on the screen at all times without a gesture needed. Use over any source that you choose.
  • New Interface
    New, dynamic, clean, powerful and easy to use Genee interface; 65" 4K panels.
  • Multi-Touch
    The new screen now has an increased 20 point IR touch rather than it's predecessor of 10 point IR touch
  • Appearance
    Thinner bezel with a far sleeker appearance whilst still maintaining the functionality of the front facing speakers. The thinner bezel also facilitates the touch to be more sensitive.
  • Wireless Display Mirroring
    Google Cast (no app to install from Windows and Android)
    Apple Play (no app to install from Apple)
    MirrorOp (app to install on all devices).
  • New Ports and Accessibility
    Public USB - On screen USB ports work for the active source, no matter what it is.
    HDMI CEC - Compatible devices to control screen functions like power and volume. Eg a soundbar.
    4K video output
  • Software
    The new screen will be provided with Spark II, Genee App store, a free trial for Project Flow. office suite, file explorer and email client included.
  • Genee Control
    Manage and control all of your G-Touch screen through a single, cloud-based platform, enabling complex operations and tasks to be completed in a refreshingly simple manner.
  • Genee Pawtals
    Pre-installed with all 4K PLUS screens. Android multi-touch web browser, multiple users can open and use web browsers at the time.