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D-TEX Security Alarm


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Product Code: SEC-ALA-DTEX

Product Information

D-TEX Security Alarm

Attaching our D-TEX® device to your valuable equipment will increase the security and reduce the risk of loss.

Most insurance companies either will not cover losses of this nature or the excess is higher than the value of the equipment, therefore it is essential to improve security to help prevent loss and inconvenience.

D-TEX® attaches to most equipment with a super strong bond, almost impossible to break without destroying the alarm or the device it is attached to in the process. The alarm is a sophisticated device which arms automatically when disconnected from the power supply.

If equipment is moved without the insertion of the supplied smart electronic key then motion detectors set off the alarm at around 120 decibels, sounding continuously until either the power is reapplied or the smart master key inserted.

The D-TEX® anti-theft device automatically re-arms itself and sets into monitor mode with the power connected. The unit is self powered and recharges when the equipment is in use.