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Classroom Speaker Systems & Amplifiers

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Ceiling Mounted Speakers Ceiling Mounted Speakers

 £19.00 (22.80 inc VAT)  
Mini Indoor/Outdoor Speakers Mini Indoor/Outdoor Speakers

 £29.00 (34.80 inc VAT)  
Wall Mounted Slim 2x20W Passive Speakers Wall Mounted Slim 2x20W Passive Speakers - OPEN BOX

 £79.00 (£94.80 inc VAT)  

Our Price inc.options£59.00 (70.80 inc VAT)  
AV-SP1100s Active Speaker - White AV-SP1100P Active Speaker - White

 £85.00 (102.00 inc VAT)  
Conxeasy S302 Speakers Conxeasy S302 Speakers

 £129.00 (154.80 inc VAT)  
SMART USB audio system SMART USB audio system

 £229.00 (274.80 inc VAT)