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15m Modular Wall Mount Cable Kit Type A

15m Modular Wall Mount Cable Kit

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Product Code: CBL-AVKIT-MOD-2G15-USB

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15m Modular Wall Mount Cable Kit Type A

Modules now feature plug-in connectors on the rear. Cables come pre-terminated with male connectors which are simply plugged into the rear of the module. Need to shorten or pull a cable? Just unscrew the phoenix connector. Techconnect gives you the speed of a pre-terminated system with the flexibility you sometimes need.

By upgrading to multi-layer printed circuit boards we’ve created much more space behind each module for cables.

The packages come with a surface-mounted ‘backbox’ and a ‘surround’ -- the part the modules clip into. The range includes various flush and surface mounting backboxes, and all the surrounds conform to standard British sizes so they fit any locally sourced backboxes. Our backboxes are carefully designed with convenient easy-push-out sections for trunking and are made from ABS plastic so are not brittle like common backboxes.

Simple enough that even an inexperienced technician can install it. No soldering is necessary due to its phoenix connector captive screw design.

Key Features
Module Package:
  • 1 x 2-Gang UK Backbox (surface mount)
  • 1 x 2-Gang Surround (accommodates 5 modules)
  • 1 x VGA with Minijack Module
  • 1 x USB (B-type on front) Module
  • 1 x 3-Phono Module
  • 3 x Blanking panels Module
Cable Package:
  • 1 x 15m VGA Cables
  • 1 x 15m Minijack Cable
  • 1 x 15m 1-phono (RCA) Cable for Composite Video
  • 1 x 15m 2-phono (RCA) Cable for Stereo Audio

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